Overnight Bushcraft Courses 

Woods Explorer 


Growing from Wanderer to Explorer provides exciting new opportunities to take your

newly acquired skills to the next level. Over two days you will be taking nothing more

than sticks and turning them into functional tools such as a full size bucksaw, pack

frame, or maybe emergency ski shoes. In this program we will also re-visit modern

fire lighting and start moving back in time, learning more primitive fire lighting

techniques such as flint and steel and fire by friction. During this course we will cover 

different types of fire lays and cooking cranes, shelters and beds will be heavily

emphasized and you will have the opportunity to spend the night in your own bush

palace, experiencing home style comforts even on an unexpected night out.

Investment $295.00/ person + GST

***All course materials will be provided 


Wild Woods Woman Tier II

Take your newly sharpened skills to the next level in this two day course. Students will take

nothing more than a few sticks and turn them into functional tools such as a full size

bucksaw or a pack frame. A large portion of the day will focus on building shelters and

beds. Additionally, we will re-visit modern fire lighting and begin to move back in time

practicing more primitive fire lighting techniques such as flint and steel and fire by friction.

Incorporating these skills students will also learn about different types of fire lays and

cooking cranes.


Investment $295.00/person + GST


***All course materials provided


Lone Woodsman

This program pushes past the fundamentals provided in the WandererExplorer  and

Wild Woods Woman courses.


We set out to sharpen those skills by using tools made by hand during this course to complete

daily tasks and meet camp needs. In these 3 days you will become proficient in multiple fire

lighting techniques from modern to primitive, advanced knife skills, material selection,

campfire cooking, and cooking rigs.

A heavy emphasis will be placed on shelters and beds, along with site selection/direction, and the

best fires to use with each.

We will learn about and build multiple tools including, but not limited to, a full size bucksaw.

Foraging for wild edibles and teas, plant identification, primitive crafts around the fire, and

basic wildlife tracking will also be covered. Students will have the option to build and stay in their

own survival shelter built on-site with locally available materials and based on the teachings of this

program! With these skills dialed in and confidence bolstered, this course provides a fantastic

opportunity to challenge yourself in a safe environment.  


Investment $495.00/per person + GST 


***All course materials will be provided


 Group bookings and discounts available