Ancient Gardens 


There is no doubt nature's beauty can leave you speechless, and sometimes overwhelmed.

This workshop is designed to inspire a more intimate knowledge of the woods, like walking with

an old friend. In this workshop you will start your own plant and tree catalogue that will go home

with you, learn to identify the plants that surround us as well as their modern and primitive uses.

From the tallest tree in the forest to the roots hidden underground, nature is more than just

beautiful scenery. It is our food, an ancient hardware store, and a medicine cabinet. Join us as

we lift the veil of green!

Investment $45.00/per person + GST


**Includes course material 

Knife safety/handling and basic sharpening 

Become confident and comfortable using modern bush knives. In this workshop students will learn

basic and advanced knife handling techniques, batoning, scraping, material processing and

important notching. A sharp knife is a safe knife! Basic knife sharpening is also part of the clinic.

Students will build their own sharpening boards to take home.

Investment $45.00/person


***Includes course materials

Make your own full size bucksaw 

A full length bucksaw is an invaluable tool in Canada's Boreal forest, simple in design yet reliable

on demand. It is an essential implement, being used for processing material like firewood and

building materials. The ability to create a bush saw in the woods is truly taking your outdoor skill

set to the next level.  


Investment $60.00/person + GST


***Includes course material


Modern fire lighting 

The ability to use fire has been essential to the evolution of mankind. I wish everyone could have

a fluid and confident ability to reliably start fire in any weather or environment. Let this course

guide you through modern fire lighting techniques. This workshop provides a hands-on approach,

covering methods ranging from a simple match to our most technologically advanced materials.

Learn about materials that are store bought or found in the local environment and what works

best for each method. This course is focused on building your fire lightning abilities and confidence.


Investment $45.00/person + GST

***Includes course material

Ancient fire lighting

Feel the need to learn primitive fire lighting? Take a closer look into history, at our ancestors and 

how they performed one of their most valuable skills. This workshop will include gathering and 

processing the correct materials for fire by friction, methods including bow drills and hand drills, 

as well as a slightly more recent skill, flint and steel. Make char cloth around the fire while practicing

your new found skills.


Investment $60.00/person + GST 

***Includes all material as well as a bow drill set to take home.



Group bookings and discounts available for workshops